Stele Dedicated by Ramose to the goddess Q…

Stele Dedicated by Ramose to the goddess


Stele dedicated by Ramose to the naked goddess identified as ‘Qetesh, lady of heaven’, standing on a lion, flanked by the ithyphallic Egyptian god Min-Amun and Canaanite god Reshep.

New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, ca. 1292-1189 BC. Painted and carved limestone, from Deir el-Medina. Now in the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

C. 1601

Colossal Statue of Ramesses II, 1942This piece…

Colossal Statue of Ramesses II, 1942

This piece was found in 1820 by an Italian traveler Giovanni Battista Caviglia. The Colossus of Ramesses II is an enormous statue carved in limestone. It is about 10m (33.8 ft) long, even though it has no feet, and is located near the village of Mit Rahina (Memphis).

A small museum has been built to house this magnificent piece. The fallen colossus was found near the south gate of the temple of Ptah, located about 30m from the huge limestone statue of Ramesses II. Some of the original colors are still partly preserved.

Photograph by Major Wilfred Herbert James Sale. National Army Museum, London.

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