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Mummy of a Dog

This mummy of a dog, which dates to the Ptolemaic Period, ca. 305-30 BC., is characterized by a very well kept bandage and linen mask with painted stucco, which covers the head of the animal. It comes from one of a number of dog cemeteries, dogs being animals sacred to the god Anubis.

Now in the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels.

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Mask of Anubis

This mask represents the head of the black jackal, Anubis, the god of cemetery and mummification. He wears the striped headdress called nemes; a large part of it is missing but it still has some golden stripes. The eyebrows and whiskers are also gilded. The eyes are in a very good condition.

This mask was worn by the priest, who was responsible for the embalming, during the process of mummification.

The ears of Anubis are always erect to show the thoughtful attitude of the jackal, as the protector god of the necropolis.

Wood, from Armant, Luxor. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty to 20th Dynasty, ca. 1550-1070 BC. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 55620

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